AL Independent Grocer Adopts Video Security, Communications Solution

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AL Independent Grocer Adopts Video Security, Communications Solution

By Bridget Goldschmidt - 12/20/2019
AL Independent Grocer Adopts Video Security, Communications Solution Marino's Market Motorola Avigilon
Marino’s Market deployed a full video security and critical-communications solution from Motorola and Avigilon to increase the independent grocer’s safety and operational efficiencies

Marino’s Market, a family-owned independent grocer with two stores in Birmingham, Ala., has teamed with Motorola Solutions and Avigilon Corp., a Motorola company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, on a security system to protect the retailer’s business from customer theft, false liability claims, shrinkage and procurement issues. The goal of the system was to provide greater visibility throughout the stores to help ensure that employees follow cash-handling procedures correctly and track down deliveries.

To that end, Marino’s worked with Hoover, Ala.-based integrator American Video & Alarm Inc.  to install a complete Avigilon and Motorola Solutions security system featuring Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software, an Access Control Manager system and a suite of Avigilon cameras, including the H4 Mini Dome and H4 Pro models, in addition to the H4 Multisensor, H4 Fisheye, H4A Bullet and H4 IR PTZ cameras, which offer self-learning video analytics.

The grocer also uses Motorola Solutions’ CLS1410 two-way radios to enable quick communication between store managers, while Avigilon video security system covers the detection aspect of security.

“Having an Avigilon system is like having a virtual security guard; it gives me so much more freedom because I don’t have to do all the work myself — the analytics and search functions of ACC takes a lot of that work off my plate,” said AJ Marino, great-grandson of Marino’s Market founder Tony Marino. “And you can find information so fast that you can respond in near real time, before the perpetrator even leaves the store, so that you can intercept them and address the issue.”

“We are pleased to offer Marino’s Market technology that helps them provide a safe and positive shopping experience to their customers, while also ensuring the proper handling of goods,” noted John Kedzierski, SVP, video security solutions at Motorola. “The system has enabled the market to operate more efficiently and demonstrates the potential of Avigilon and Motorola Solutions security offerings within a busy retail environment.”

Since deploying the solution, Marino’s has improved the efficiency of its security operations by 75%, and slashed its shrinkage by 50%.