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AI-Powered Smart Screens Coming to In-Store Points of Sale

Cooler Screens' new software anticipates shopper needs
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
Cooler Screens
Smart screens can be deployed in coolers as well as other surfaces in a store, like walls, checkout lanes, end caps, banner aisles and foodservice boards.

It seems like everything is getting smarter in grocery stores thanks to AI, including screens on surfaces like coolers, walls and windows. Tech company Cooler Screens is upping the proverbial ante on such applications, teaming with Microsoft and NVIDIA to roll out smart screens across the in-store retail environment. 

The new CoolerX software solution uses AI, a network of sensors and data science to identify precise marketing opportunities in stores. The software’s “intent engine” analyzes data points gathered from consumer behavior, contextual signals and first-party retailer data, ultimately anticipating shopper needs.

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Recommendations can be integrated into an advertising platform, which allows brands to deploy targeted, dynamic marketing campaigns. According to Cooler Screens, the technology can be used with new or existing screens.

“Just as search engines and e-commerce sites know what consumers are interested in when online and serve them relevant content, we now can do the same inside brick-and-mortar stores. By understanding shoppers' intent and activating marketing content that is most relevant to consumer experience, we drive sales growth for retailers and brands,” said Arsen Avakian, co-founder and CEO of Cooler Screens.  

Allaying privacy concerns, Cooler Screens emphasizes that the CoolerX software operates without gathering or using shoppers’ personal data. The technology is identity-blind, and algorithms are built for the anonymous nature of brick-and-mortar shopping, the company noted. Cooler Screens is also certified by Privacy by Design, the ISO global standard for protecting consumer privacy. 

Cooler Screens software is currently used by retailers including The Kroger Co., Walgreens and Giant Eagle’s GetGo, among others. 

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