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A2L-Qualified Refrigeration Solutions

Preparing for the emergence of reliable A2L-qualified commercial refrigeration technologies.

Supermarket refrigeration technologies are evolving quickly. Over the next decade, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will phase down the production and consumption of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants by 85 percent. Food retailers are planning their transitions to environmentally safer refrigerant alternatives with lower global warming potential (GWP)— such as R-290, emerging A2L refrigerants and CO2 — while deploying more energy-efficient refrigeration technologies.

Offering broader application potential, lower-GWP ratings below 150 and 300, and much higher charges than R-290, A2L refrigerants have the potential to play a variety much-needed roles in food retail. Classified as “lower flammability” refrigerants, A2Ls will require an increased focus on equipment and application safety. Recent updates to safety standards provide the necessary guidance and set the stage for widespread A2L adoption. 

As a leader in the research, development and application of eco-friendly refrigerants, Emerson offers an ideal combination of low-GWP, high-performance and energy-efficient refrigeration technologies. Emerson is developing the next generation of A2L-qualified Copeland™ compression technologies across its major product platforms. Combined with their deep compression portfolio, leak detection sensors and supervisory control architectures, they’re supporting systems designed to maximize A2L application safety and refrigeration reliability.

Explore how Emerson is leading the development of safe, reliable A2L-qualified commercial refrigeration technologies.

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