2X Pinalen

Concentrated product line intro spotlights AlEn USA’s commitment to sustainability
Pinalen 2X Pine Scent Main Image

Embracing the trend of offering planet-conscious products, multipurpose cleaner brand Pinalen from AlEn USA is debuting a line of concentrated products nationwide. Available in three sizes – 128 ounces retailing for a suggested $7.47, 56 ounces for a suggested $4.27 and 28 ounces for a suggested $2.77 – the products come in fresh pine, floral and lavender scents. Cleaning with 2X Pinalen allows consumers to use less cleaning solution to deliver the same amount of cleaning power. As a result, when used as directed, 2X Pinalen employs 50% less water and 50% less plastic packaging when compared with the original formula. According to the company, the reduced packaging size not only minimizes resource consumption, but also enhances logistical efficiency, leading to a reduction in carbon emissions. The bottles themselves are made with recycled plastic sourced from AlEn’s own recycling plants. Along with environmental benefits, concentrated products offer economic advantages, as Pinalen’s concentrated formula enables twice the uses at a better value per use than a nonconcentrated bottle of the same size. Consumers and retailers alike will additionally have more room on the shelf. The rollout of the concentrated products will take place throughout the year, with AlEn USA anticipating widespread availability by the end of 2024. AlEn USA is a subsidiary of Grupo AlEn, a cleaning and laundry product company with a presence in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. 

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