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100% Bamboo Facial tissues

Sometimes it’s tough for even the hardiest of humans to avoid suffering from the seasonal winter sniffles.

Luckily, The Cheeky Panda's facial tissue is made from 100% natural, sustainable, super-fast-growing bamboo, so you can sneeze sustainably.

Naturally hypoallergenic and super kind to skin, these sublimely soft facial tissues won't harm skin - even after the most savage of sneezing fits.

Choose from either a flat box or cube box – each is made from completely recyclable paper packaging. These triumphant tissues are essential for all bedside tables.

And if you’re heading out, don’t forget to grab a pack of plastic-free, panda-certified bamboo Pocket Tissues. They fit snug inside your bag, pocket or backpack and can be taken anywhere – just in case you need an on-the-go nose blow.

The Cheeky Panda products have been incredibly popular in Europe - selling in Wholefoods, Boots, Ocado, Tesco, Monoprix, Carrefour, dm-drogerie markt and hundreds of other major retailers. The entire plastic-free tissue range is available at UNFI, including Plastic-free 4 and 9 roll packs, Plastic-free Pocket Tissues and both Flat and Cube Tissue Boxes.

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