Yolélé Fonio Chips

West African-inspired snack showcases nutritious ancient grain
Yolele Fonio Chips Main Image

Purpose-driven West African food brand Yolélé offers a line of chips made with fonio, a nutritious ancient grain similar to a rice or couscous. The line’s flavors are Sea Salt, Yassa (bright habanero chili, sweet caramelized onion and zesty lime); Greens (moringa leaf and citrusy baobab fruit); and Afro-Funk (dawadawa – a.k.a. fermented locust beans – and ginger). By sourcing its fonio from rural farmers in West Africa, Yolélé is able to create economic opportunity for these communities while also supporting a more resilient, biodiverse food system by helping to revive demand for this naturally sustainable crop. A 5-ounce bag of any variety of Fonio Chips retails for a suggested $4.99. Yolélé was founded in 2017 by noted chef Pierre Thiam and his business partner Philip Teverow. 




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