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Winn-Dixie Implements Identico's True ID

NASHUA, N.H. - Identico Systems, a company that specializes in identity verification system, announced that Winn-Dixie has begun testing its True ID system to stop check-cashing and other fraud-related losses.

Identico claims that True ID is the first identity verification service designed to improve check management and internal verification systems by "putting a face" on every transaction. With a customer's permission, the photo and information from a valid photo ID is collected and electronically stored in a database. The next time the consumer initiates a transaction, the customer's image is securely and instantly sent to the point of service, where the employee matches the face in the photo to that of the consumer and decides whether to proceed with the transaction.

"Supermarkets nationwide lose close to $90 million a year to fraudulent personal, commercial and payroll checks," said Larry Gilbert, CEO of Identico Systems. "Winn-Dixie joins a growing number of retailing companies, including supermarkets, banks and auto rental firms, that have already employed True ID. Results from True ID have cut fraud by an average of 80 percent and increased restitution by 50 percent. True ID's proven ability to reduce check losses by verifying the person, not the paper, quickly translates into increased profits from lowered operations costs and improved customer satisfaction."

As part of the Winn-Dixie program, disclosure notices are prominently displayed in the stores to inform customers True ID is being used. The disclosure notices also act as a deterrent to criminals, who do not want to leave a copy of their photo image matched to a fraudulent transaction, according to Identico.
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