WinCo Warns of Possible Credit Card Theft at Calif. ATMs

BOISE, Idaho -- WinCo Foods, LLC here said Friday it had uncovered evidence suggesting that account information belonging to customers who used ATMs at its locations in Pomona, Moreno Valley, and Temecula, Calif. stores might have been stolen using illegal electronic retrieval devices.

WinCo employees discovered the retrieval devices from the Pomona and Moreno Valley ATMs, and handed over them o the authorities for investigation, the retailer said. There was also evidence that a device of the same kind was used in the Temecula store.

"Even though we have no clear evidence or reason to believe that our customers' accounts have been compromised, if you have used the ATM in the last 30 days at any of the three affected WinCo Foods stores, we recommend that you check with your banking institution to verify the integrity of your account," said Winco in a statement.

WinCo is a regional discount supermarket company operating 56 stores and three distribution centers in Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Oregon.
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