Wild Oats Introduces 'Superfoods' Healthy Eating Plan

BOULDER, Colo. -- National organic and natural foods chain Wild Oats, Inc. here is taking a positive spin on new-year weight loss goals, with a diet plan focused on nutrient-dense "superfoods" such as nuts, green leafy veggies, kiwifruit, and pomegranates.

The Superfoods -- Super You! Healthy Eating Plan, which builds on Wild Oats' existing storewide Superfoods education program, is designed to help consumers understand the benefit of vitamins, minerals, and supplements, and to consider the balance between eating well and exercising regularly.

The chain is selling a 48-page guide in stores for $1. It includes information on the various superfoods, their health benefits, great-tasting recipes, a flexible meal plan developed by Wild Oats dietitians and nutritionists, handy shopping lists, information on vitamins and supplements, recommendations for living a healthy lifestyle, and hydration, fitness, and mindful eating tips.

"At Wild Oats, our goal is to enhance the lives of our customers with products and education that support health and well-being," said Tricia DiPersio, Ph.D., RD, food safety specialist and corporate dietitian for Wild Oats Markets. "Instead of telling people what they should avoid, as most diets do, our program focuses on the foods people should be eating to support a healthy lifestyle, or superfoods."

For example, Wild Oats' recipe for Asian Crunch Salad combines grilled turkey tenderloin and slivered almonds, for a meal made with a number of superfoods; the almonds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, the turkey is an excellent source of lean protein, and the cabbage is a great source of dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates, according to Wild Oats.

In addition to its consumer education program, Wild Oats will run a series of in-store health tours and lectures with Dr. Steven Pratt and nutrition experts across the country, intended to help consumers incorporate superfoods into their healthy lifestyles and to stick to their New Year's resolutions.

Wild Oats nutrition experts have researched the superfoods most recommended by dietary experts and have highlighted the following food groups in stores: berries, citrus, cruciferous vegetables, eggs, green foods, green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts, oats, olives and olive oil, fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, orange vegetables, sea vegetables, seeds, soy, tea, tomatoes, turkey, whole grains, and yogurt and kefir.

For 2006, Wild Oats has expanded its list of superfoods to include the following: apples, cinnamon, kiwifruit, herbs and spices, honey, dark chocolate, and pomegranates. The additions were made based on best-selling author Dr. Steven Pratt's new book, "SuperFoods HealthStyle."

Meal plans, recipes, and grocery shopping lists are available at http://www.wildoats.com/superfoods. Consumers can visit the Superfoods -- Super You! Healthy Eating Plan Online Forum for ongoing support, including exercise tips, recipe ideas, superfoods information, and more.

Wild Oats Markets operates 113 natural foods stores in 24 states and British Columbia, Canada. The Company's markets include: Wild Oats Natural Marketplace, Henry's Farmers Market, Sun Harvest, and Capers Community Markets.
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