Whole Foods, Trader Joe's Among Top 15 Green Brands

:Whole Foods and Trader Joe's were among the top 15 green brands in the 2008 Favorite Green Brands Index conducted by Outlaw Consulting, a research firm focusing on style and social trends.

The survey aimed to discover which brands are most favored for being environmentally conscious among young trendsetters across the United States. Whole Foods received the highest ranking, scoring eight on a scale of one to 10. Trader Joe's was second, scoring seven.

Participants in the survey saw Whole Foods and Trader Joe's as pioneers in the grocery industry. The top 15 brands in the index cover a range of product categories, including retail, technology, fashion, and automobiles. Toyota, Honda, and Google received top ratings after Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. The survey sample included mostly Generation Y consumers, ages 21 to 29 and living in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami. Participants were asked to identify the companies they perceive as "green" and their reasons why.

"Our aim was to discover which companies are going beyond the niche market of hard-core 'greenies' and winning over the more broadly influential members of this generation," said Barbara Bylenga, founder/chief strategist at San Francisco-based Outlaw Consulting. According to the study, companies seen as trailblazers in their category tend to be more top of the mind and earn more respect over the long term.
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