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What Influencers Want from Grocers in 2017


As we’re approaching 2017, it’s more than likely you’ve heard about social influencers (and for good reason). Did you know that influencers sharing your content can lead to a 3 to 10 times increase in conversion rates? They are truly today’s tastemakers. Most amassed their followings by creating compelling content on blogs and mega social platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Millennials learn to cook from YouTube and over 20 percent of “what’s for dinner” inspiration comes from Pinterest, according to the Hartman Group. Influencers’ opinions and content about brands, products and services matter to their followers. In fact, over half of marketers believe they get better customers from influencer marketing since the relationship began with trust in the influencer. With that in mind, we asked influencers from our Social Fabric community what they hoped to see from their favorite grocery stores in 2017, including food types and trends and what would better their shopping experiences in the new year. Here’s what today’s super shoppers are looking for. 

Influencers are reaching for unique options and organic food varieties but only at reasonable price points.

“Grocery stores need more organic options! I'd like to see foods that are better for you and easy to incorporate into family menu planning.” - Chelley Martinka of A Is For Adelaide

“I would like to see more vegetarian/vegan foods. Most stores have a small veggie section, but I would LOVE something dedicated and with more variety. I love brands like MorningStar, Amy's and Boca but there is so much more out there!” - Jess Toothman of A Million Moments

“I'm a ‘one-stop-shop’ kinda gal, so grocery stores have to offer me exclusive and delicious products that I can't get elsewhere to lure me into actually going to them.” - Nicole Elliot of Confident Foundation

“I would love to see grocery stores create their own Blue Apron/Home Chef meals: everything you need to make a meal all in one box. I hate grocery shopping and would jump on this!” - Stacey Werner of Newlywed Survival

Simplified checkout options are crucial for busy families.

“One of our local grocery stores now has online ordering where you can pick up your order curbside. I'm in love with this! I would love to see more stores do this.” - Linette Gerlach of The Kid’s Fun Review

“The curbside grocery pickup option recently came available in our area. Best thing ever! I, personally, haven't seen that before but for moms with small children or husbands nervous getting the ‘right’ item (maybe that's just mine!), it's a trend I hope does well.” - Rachel Beach of Craving Some Creativity

Specialty coupons and apps are the key to attracting loyal influencers.

“I want more ways to save money or earn rewards that aren't tied to credit cards similar to Walmart Savings Catcher, Price Matching, and ShopKicks-type reward app partnerships that include stores I shop at.” - Saidah Washington of Aprons and Stilletos

“I don't have a lot of time to fuss with coupons, so ones like ‘peelies’ on the product itself or store sales (that are really sales) are my favorites.” -  Nicole Elliot of Confident Foundation

“I enjoy apps like Cartwheel and the Whole Foods app that have coupons that can be scanned at checkout.” - Carrie Wells of Our Potluck Family

There you have it, folks. To win over tastemakers and content creators such as these, think about including unique and local food offerings that can be picked up in a timely manner. Curbside pickup and simple reward apps are the cherry on top. You may just become the retailer influencers are gushing over with their thousands of followers in the new year. 

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