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Walmart Makes Its Local Fulfillment, Delivery Solutions Available to Other Retailers

Partnership with Salesforce brings technology to wider audience
Emily Crowe, Progressive Grocer
Walmart Salesforce partnership
Walmart and Salesforce are bringing omnichannel shopping technology to more retailers across the country.

Walmart Commerce Technologies and Walmart GoLocal are working with Salesforce to bring their fulfillment app and local delivery solutions to retailers across the country. According to Walmart, those pieces of technology will provide retailers access to the same scalable technologies that the retailer itself uses.

These solutions, which are now available through the Salesforce AppExchange, will also let retailers offer personalized and easy commerce experiences with real-time order visibility and reliable local pickup and delivery, Walmart says.

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“Through this partnership, retailers can leverage the same innovative and scalable technologies that power Walmart’s pickup and delivery experiences,” said Anshu Bhardwaj, SVP, technology strategy and commercialization for Walmart Global Technology. “The same technology that powers Store Assist has enabled Walmart to fulfill over 830 million orders across over 4,700 Walmart stores. Together with Salesforce, retailers can scale their business and deliver the personalized, convenient experiences shoppers expect.”

With Walmart Commerce Technologies’ Store Assist platform, retailers can leverage their local stores as fulfillment centers, while Walmart GoLocal’s technology will allow retailers to offer local delivery solutions that hinge on reliable, same-day delivery under a white-label experience. Additionally, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Order Management let retailers efficiently manage their customers’ omnichannel shopping experience across one platform while leveraging artificial intelligence and real-time data to give customers personalized experiences.

“Shoppers continue to expect brands to deliver highly connected and frictionless experiences across physical and digital touchpoints. In fact, 1 in 5 online orders placed the weekend before Christmas were picked up in store,” said Rob Garf, VP and general manager of retail at San Francisco-based Salesforce. “With the combined power of Walmart and Salesforce, retailers can drive success with best-in-class technology to advance their omnichannel capabilities, drive efficiency, and ensure that every purchase quickly gets into the hands of the shopper – no matter where they are."

Each week, approximately 230 million customers and members visit Walmart’s more than 10,500 stores and numerous e-commerce websites under 46 banners in 24 countries. The Bentonville, Ark.-based company employs approximately 2.3 million associates worldwide. Walmart U.S. is No. 1 on The PG 100, Progressive Grocer’s 2022 list of the top food and consumables retailers in North America.

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