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VNU Kicks Off Media and Marketing Guide for Super Bowl

NEW YORK -- With Super Bowl XXXIX just days away, several VNU businesses yesterday released a marketing guide based on in-depth analysis of trends related to the big game, combining data from numerous sources including television ratings, advertising expenditures, Internet measurement, album sales, box-office, consumer and lifestyle information, merchandise sales, consumer segmentation and targeting, comprehensive market research, and retail consumer sales for of the event.

Facts and figures from the marketing guide include:
• The categories that advertised the most in 2004 Super Bowl included automotive, beer, motion pictures, soft drinks, and prescription drugs, according to Nielsen Monitor -- Plus. The fifth largest category, prescription drugs, was actually a new category for 2004, with 2.5 minutes.

• Frozen pizza top the list of food and beverage products in grocery stores that benefited the most from the Super Bowl period. ACNielsen reviewed 650 food and beverage product categories sold last year, comparing sales for the one-week period leading up to game day with the average one-week sales performance over the prior three weeks. Below are those product categories that benefited the most in terms of total incremental sales dollars gained from the Super Bowl.

1. Frozen Pizza -- $6.8 million
2. Potato Chips -- $5.2 million
3. Light Beer -- $4.9 million
4. Regular Beer -- $4.8 million
5. Regular Cola -- $4.5 million
6. Tortilla Chips -- $4.1 million
7. Diet Cola -- $4.1 million
8. Frozen Unbreaded Shrimp -- $3.6 million
9. Ice Cream -- $3.1 million
10. Domestic Dry Table Wine -- $2.9 million

• NFL Team Sites collectively drew 1.3 million unique at-home visitors in the week ending Jan. 23, 2005; according to Nielsen/NetRatings. Web surfers spent on average over 8 minutes on the team sites digesting about 10 pagers per person. The most popular team site was the Philadelphia Eagles with 18.1 percent of the site's audience compared to Pittsburgh Steelers, which drew 15.3 percent during the week of the Conference Championships. Favored Super Bowl team, the New England Patriots captured 13.2 percent. Despite no post-season games, 8.5 percent of traffic visited the Dallas Cowboys' team site.

• Last year's Super Bowl performers, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Kid Rock and Nelly, all saw their album sales increase following their performances, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Justin Timberlake's album, "Justified," saw a 160 percent spike in sales following the game, while three of Janet Jackson's albums gained extra points to the tune of more than 100 percent.
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