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Viru Group: A Year of Growth and Global Expansion


It isn’t often that we get to watch the arrival of a dynamic player in the busy landscape of the American food industry. But this year, we can definitively insert Viru Group among the new rising stars, not only in the United States but also on the global stage.

Viru is an international group founded on a legacy of three decades, a worldwide example of sustainability and innovation in the agri-food sector. 30 years of experience dedicated to cultivating, processing, developing, and delivering, innovative and healthy products for the world's most demanding markets and consumers, reaching over 50 different countries spanning all continents. Behind this expansive reach lies a vast network of 33,000 acres of meticulously tended crops, supported by 11 state-of-the-art processing facilities and a workforce of 17,000 people, with an overall investment of over 120 million dollars in the last five years.

What makes Viru's business model so relevant in today's global market is its commitment to vertical integration. Unlike many of its counterparts, Viru's facilities are strategically positioned close to its own fields, ensuring seamless oversight and control across every stage of production—from cultivation to processing, storage, and distribution. This approach not only guarantees the highest standards of safety and quality, but also provides partners and consumers complete traceability, encouraging trust and confidence in every Viru product.

June 2023, marked an important moment in Viru Group's journey as it sealed the acquisition of Superior Foods International, a renowned American company and one of the most reliable suppliers of safe, premium-quality frozen products. This strategic move not only broadened Viru’s presence but also reinforced their foothold in the ever-evolving American market.  

“This acquisition is enabling us to reach new heights, making us become an even stronger and more effective organization,” said Yoselyn Malamud, CEO of Viru Group.

Viru’s growth is not a new issue. Since 2019, the company has doubled its business becoming the foremost producer of canned artichokes in the US, as well as a very important player in the frozen foods business, exporting fruits and vegetables like avocado, mango, strawberries, blueberries, and of course artichokes.

The past 12 months have witnessed Viru's ascent to new heights, with its business volume in the USA soaring by 140%, positioning it among the fastest-growing entities in the market. The company has developed from a Peruvian-based agri-food to a bona fide global food business. However, Viru’s expansion extends beyond the USA. Spain, a key European market where Viru boasts its European headquarters, has witnessed a fivefold increase in business over the last five years.

Last year, Viru Ibérica - the subsidiary operating in Spain - made strategic acquisitions, adding two highly valued Spanish food companies operating in the ready-meals market —Camos Natural Food and Fridela. Alessio Nicolini, Managing Director of Viru Ibérica, affirmed, "These strategic acquisitions fortify our position in Spain, aligning with our ambitious goal of doubling sales by 2025."

For Viru Group, acquisitions are not merely an expansion in size; they are the means for a broader and diversified product offering. In the USA, alongside its line of fresh, frozen, and preserved fruit and vegetables, Viru is developing new product lines, enriching the consumer experience, and elevating service standards, like its new frozen breaded lines.

The forthcoming acai-based line may represent one of Viru’s most exciting and challenging product innovations, because it matches consumers’ demand for longevity superfoods, convenience, and organic offering. “Consumers are more food and health conscious than ever — they want to know where and how their food was raised,” EY Food and Agriculture leader Rob Dongoski writes in Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) NextWave: Agriculture report.

In this regard, organic may be one of the key words when talking about Viru’s product lines. Yoselyn Malamud, proudly affirms that: “We can guarantee our products from farm to table, and this is becoming critical for success in our sector. Vertical integration is what makes Viru’s business model so relevant in today’s global market.” In fact, vertical integration allows Viru to ensure that their Acai berries are grown organically, this means that they are “irrigated with rainwater; manually weeded, maintained, and harvested; fertilized with 100% organic products”.

This June Viru Group will attend Summer Fancy Food ready to showcase its latest innovations and achievements. With a tradition of participating in the event, this year promises an array of groundbreaking products and initiatives. Distributors and buyers are invited to explore Viru's offerings, while industry experts eagerly anticipate witnessing the growing path of a dynamic global business within the coming year.

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