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TWIG Video: FMI Shares Insights Into the Changing Behaviors of Grocery Shoppers

CEO provides insights into some interesting shopping trends that every retailer needs to hear
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Leslie G. Sarasin, president and CEO of FMI - The Food Industry Association, joins this episode of the TWIG Podcast to discuss grocery consumers’ changing behaviors.

One interesting trend found in FMI’s recently released consumer research was that a huge portion of consumers still love grocery shopping even amid inflation. “I think it’s important because it's a reflection of all of the time and energy that the food retail industry is putting into listening to what their customers want and trying to be responsive to what they're looking for,” says Leslie. 

Another interesting trend found was the use of digital. “We know from our most recent research that 50% of shoppers are now using digital coupons and that compares to about 37% of shoppers who are using handheld or paper coupons,” Leslie points out. “The other thing we know is that they're using their phones in the store to compare prices and compare availability.” This is why Leslie stresses that a retailer app is even more important than ever before. 

This also supports FMI’s finding that today’s grocery consumers are shopping at multiple locations in order to meet their needs – no more one-and-done shopping trips. 

“For things like produce and meat, most of our shoppers are shopping still in supermarkets,” says Leslie. “Club and mass are becoming more important for things that are more price centric to consumers.” 

During this episode, Leslie also gives insights into how the pandemic forever brought the food supply chain to the forefront of everyone's minds; the importance of shoppers finding “value”; the real impact of family meals; why industry collaboration is so critical; and of course – what TWIG Podcasts are known for – valuable career advice.  

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