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Top Women in Grocery Video: Embracing Communities

The Giant Co.'s Jessica Groves talks about environmental stewardship, the power of partnerships, giving back to communities and more
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Jessica Groves, community impact manager at The Giant Co., talks with Progressive Grocer in the latest TWIG Podcast episode about how the company is celebrating its 100th anniversary by caring for its communities and ensuring it is able to “feed” the future. She shares how Giant is giving back, with such initiatives like the Make a Difference Challenge, doing this work with great intention.

Jessica also delves into the importance of grocers being environmental stewards and what role storytelling plays in these efforts. But what she’s most excited about is the power of partnerships. Listen to whole podcast to learn how Giant is aiming to improve the supplier journey in the next 12 months. 

Progressive Grocer’s podcast focuses on the trends, topics and interests that move women forward in grocery retail. If you have an idea for a TWIG podcast topic, contact [email protected].

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