Top Women in Grocery Video: The Do’s and Don’ts of TWIG Award Nominations

Progressive Grocer editors, a.k.a. judges, share what makes a successful entry

In this special episode of the TWIG Podcast, Progressive Grocer’s editors provide need-to-know information for anyone interested in nominating a female professional for the prestigious Top Women in Grocery Awards, which is currently accepting nominations until Feb. 29. 

Starting almost 20 years ago, Progressive Grocer's TWIG Awards is the food retail industry's longest running program recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of women at all levels in the industry. Today, the awards program averages 1,000 submissions, annually.  

In this episode, Multimedia Editor Emily Crowe invites Senior Editor Lynn Petrak and Managing Editor Bridget Goldschmidt (the true heart and soul behind TWIG) to discuss what makes a TWIG nomination stand out from the crowd. Since all three editors also serve as judges for the awards, they're able to share valuable advice on how to submit a successful nomination.  

While including metrics, concrete examples and community involvement are some of the information that should be added in a nomination, the editors share plenty of don’ts to consider when filling out an entry. For example: 

  • Don’t be vague
  • Don’t go overboard with acronyms  
  • Don’t be “short” 
  • And most important, don’t be shy in nominating yourself (yes, the awards accept self-nominations!)

After listening to this episode, CLICK HERE to submit your nomination for the 2024 TWIG Awards Program. 

The 2024 TWIG honorees will be featured in the Progressive Grocer June issue and invited to attend the infamous TWIG Gala in November. 

Progressive Grocer’s podcast focuses on the trends, topics and interests that move women forward in grocery retail. If you have an idea for a TWIG podcast topic, contact [email protected] and/or [email protected].

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