Technomic to Study the Impact of AI and BSE on Foodservice Industry

CHICAGO -- As avian influenza (AI) and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) trigger supply disruptions and volatile conditions for meat and poultry markets throughout much of the rest of the world, Technomic based here plans to determine what might be in store for the domestic market, and what the industry can do the prepare.

Technomic's specialized foodservice study will evaluate consumer attitudes and concerns, as well as anticipated shifts in eating-out behaviors and their impact upon restaurant operations and menu offerings.

The research and consulting firm will also explore how chain restaurants and other dining establishments can better prepare for the potential impacts, and how foodservice industry suppliers anticipate potential shifts in consumers' protein preferences, food preparation methods, and special sanitation requirements.

Given the immediacy of the concern surrounding this issue, Technomic said it expects to launch the project, being called "Assessing Foodservice Industry Attitudinal and Behavioral Adjustments Due to the AI and BSE Threats," please contact Joseph Pawlak at 312-506-3940 or [email protected].

Technomic Inc. provides chain restaurants and food supplier clients with research, insights and strategic consulting, in addition to proprietary management consulting solutions and shared-cost, common-interest research.
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