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Taking Control of Clean: The Grocer’s Guide to Cleaning and Sanitation Solutions and the Store Experience




Shoppers’ expectations of retailers are always increasing and this is especially true when it comes to store cleanliness and sanitation. Every area of the store now demands heightened attention as safety and sanitation play an unprecedented role in shaping shoppers’ overall perceptions of retailers.
To win with America’s sanitation savvy shoppers requires retailers to execute on a wide range of new and enhanced cleaning protocols and techniques that are founded on worker empowerment, cleaning efficiency and superior hygienic results. For insight on this new industry imperative, join Progressive Grocer and market leader Kaivac to explore the following areas of the store and the unique challenges each present:

  • Restroom cleaning
  • Rapid spill cleanup and response
  • Refrigeration and cooler case cleaning
  • Bakery, deli and kitchen cleaning

Keeping stores clean has always been good for business, but now it has become an essential aspect of every retailers’ operation and a key driver of their competitive advantage.





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