Sweet Mama Produce Bins Show Off Baby Wumbler Watermelons

Sweet Mama Produce will display the Baby Wumbler image on its watermelon bins as a result of a newly established relationship with the Giddy Gander Co., which marks the continued and expanding support of the Baby Wumbler and Wumbler Patch watermelon brands.

A premiere grower and distributor of watermelon to supermarkets along the east coast, Sweet Mama Produce clients include A&P, Price Chopper and BiLo, among other well-known grocer chains.

The Giddy Gander Co. is the creator and founder of the Wumblers children’s animated entertainment series as well as the Wumbler Patch brand, which features the Baby Wumbler. In addition to becoming a highly popular character within the U.S. watermelon industry, the Baby Wumbler is also a hit with parents and children alike.

“Watermelon is an extremely delicious and nutritious food for families to share and enjoy,” said Paul Nuzzo, president/CEO of Ridgewood, N.J.-based Sweet Mama. “Children love it, and the benefits of serving watermelon at any meal or snack are immeasurable. Partnering with the Wumblers is a great way to spread the word,” Nuzzo noted.

For more information, visit www.wumblerpatch.com or www.giddygander.com.
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