Supermarkets of Cherry Hill Joins Recycling Program in Backyard

ShopRite operator Supermarkets of Cherry Hill has become a Reward Partner with the Cherry Hill township's new recycling facilitator, RecycleBank, enabling shoppers to use the "dollars" they earn recycling to buy items at the grocery stores.

Supermarkets of Cherry Hill operates three ShopRite supermarkets in Cherry Hill, N.J. "ShopRite is a green company, and this new partnership will draw great synergistic effects between RecycleBank and Cherry Hill Township to push a program that will improve our environment," Jason Ravitz, v.p. of Supermarkets of Cherry Hill, Inc., told the Cherry Hill Courier-Post.

During the month of June, over 20,000 residents have been receiving new RecycleBank carts, lidded, wheeled, 96-gallon containers designed to hold all of a household's recyclables, according to the Courier-Post. A microchip tracks the weight of the cart on a weekly basis as items are amassed, translating a household's recycling efforts into RecycleBank Reward Points that can be redeemed for merchandise, food, entertainment, and now groceries at many local retailers and restaurants.

The first RecycleBank pickup is scheduled for June 30, and the ShopRite operator anticipates that the program will more than double the Cherry Hills's recycling rates.

The RecycleBank rewards earned by Cherry Hill residents can also be redeemed at the other Ravitz-owned ShopRite stores in Evesham and Mt. Laurel townships, also in New Jersey.
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