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Superior Super Warehouse Uses Tech to Reduce Slip and Fall Liability

LOS ANGELES -- Following a successful pilot, Superior Super Warehouse here has rolled out an automated accident prevention system in all 20 of its stores.

The system, SweepTrax, provides a structured, simple set of wireless tools to automate and document all store safety and/or audit inspection activities. The system tracks and documents aisle inspections to ensure cleaner, safer stores, and to create optimal levels of safety for both customers and associates.

"My goal for the department was to go completely paperless in 2005," David Ortega, claims manager of Superior Super Warehouse, told Progressive Grocer. "With the paper-based system we used previously, we collected approximately 10 sweep-sheets per day from 20 stores; all that paper piles up."

With the new system, bar codes are placed at strategic locations throughout the store. Each porter carries a special scanner while performing maintenance tasks along a predetermined route, and scans the barcode after cleaning the related section of the store. This data is stored in a central server at Superior headquarters, and cannot be altered.

"It goes to the old saying, 'What isn't measured isn't done,'" said Ortega. "SweepTrax allows us to measure the sweepers' work and give them a sense of direction by designating an efficient sweeping pattern to follow. By implementing recommended best practices developed by Trax for sweep inspections along with the technology, we expect to see a reduction in slip and fall accidents."

Superior Super Warehouse opened operates more than 20 supermarkets in Los Angeles.
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