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Sunset Brands Aims to Lead Low-carb Market

LOS ANGELES - As part of its strategy to become the nation's leading supplier of low-carb foods and beverages, Sunset Brands, Inc. yesterday announced it has completed the acquisition of Vancouver, Wash.-based Low Carb Creations, Inc., one of the nation's premier low-carb food manufacturers. Concurrently Sunset Brands announced it has merged with a publicly traded corporation to form a new public company that will initiate trading on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board.

With the two transactions completed, Sunset Brands claims to be the first low-carb-dedicated company in the United States to trade its stock publicly.

Sunset Brands' c.e.o., Todd Sanders, said his company's goal is to aggregate a select group of specialty low-carb manufacturers like Low Carb Creations to be the brand of choice for consumers who follow a low-carb lifestyle. "By integrating several top-quality brands, establishing partnership programs with leading retailers, and maximizing our cost efficiencies, we hope to achieve economies of scale necessary to establish Sunset Brands as the market leader in low-carb, healthy lifestyle food products," he said in a statement issued yesterday by the company.

Sunset Brands was originally formed in November 2003 to capitalize on the large and growing demand for low- and reduced-carb foods and beverages. Concurrent with the merger and acquisition announcement, Low Carb Creations -- a Vancouver, Wash.-based food and beverage manufacturer -- is now Sunset's principal operating unit. Linda Langdon, Low Carb Creations' founder, will serve as e.v.p. for Sunset.

Low Carb Creations products (marketed under the brands of Low Carb Creations, SipperSweets, Bella Carb, and Carb Ole) are currently available through grocery chains and specialty shops throughout the United States. Distributors of Low Carb Creations' products include Atkins Nutritionals, Haddon House, HP Distributors, JAMB, Mountain People's Warehouse, Milbrook Distribution Services, Nature's Best, and Tree of Life.
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