Sunkist Names New Global Sourcing Exec

:Michael Nomoto, a veteran exporter from Southern California, has been named managing director of Sunkist's global sourcing organization, Sunkist Global LLC. He replaces Mark Tompkins, who was tapped earlier this year to lead Sunkist's domestic fresh fruit sales network.

As part of Sunkist's ongoing customer-focused marketing strategy, Sunkist Global LLC sources high quality citrus products from around the world to complement California and Arizona-grown citrus.

"We are building strategic relationships with suppliers in other citrus producing countries, such as South Africa, who can provide consistent supplies of counter-seasonal fruit that allow us to offer our large international customers the year-round citrus supply they demand," said Sunkist president-elect Russ Hanlin.

In his new position, Nomoto is responsible for securing production and folding it seamlessly into the Sunkist international sales and delivery network. "Sunkist is currently sourcing complementary citrus from South Africa, Australia and Mexico and delivering it to customers in North America and Asia," said Hanlin, noting that Nomoto will expand those relationships as the Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based citrus co-op seeks to develop new ones in other citrus producing areas.

"Our customers ask us to supply a wider range of high quality citrus products without seasonality limits, including such varieties as limes, which are not traditionally grown by our grower members," said Hanlin. "Sunkist Global allows us to meet those customer demands for consistent supplies, marketing and logistical services with a wider range of high quality citrus products."

Nomoto is a 16-year veteran of Nishimoto Trading, whose U.S. operations are headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, Calif. As Export Manager, he procured U.S. grown produce, including citrus, vegetables and tropical fruit, for the Japanese and Chinese markets.
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