Sunbasket Gets a New Identity

Sunbasket Gets a New Identity
The revamped Sunbasket is now competing with Daily Harvest, Freshly and others who have solid apps and are catering to digital-only Zoomers.

Sunbasket is embracing what it calls the healthy lifestyle.

The meal kit provider has launched a “reimagined identity” as a full-service food delivery company, empowering every consumer to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Expanding beyond the meal kit category, the brand says it has broadened its appeal to deliver a selection of delicious, healthy foods for every dining occasion straight to consumers’ doors nationwide — from breakfast, lunch and dinner to snacks, sides, proteins and an assortment of pantry staples.

“The onset of COVID-19 forced consumers to quickly adopt new habits when it came to food, and Sunbasket was inspired to reflect on our company’s values to better serve our customers,” said CEO Don Barnett, CEO. “Food plays a crucial role in our physical, mental and social health, and we believe leading a healthy lifestyle should be easy, convenient and delicious. While we will continue to offer delicious meal kits, we believe that our refreshed emphasis on convenience will be appealing to even more people.”

The move comes just more than a month after meal kit provider Freshly — founded in New York in 2012 and recently acquired by Nestle — said it was aiming to be the largest provider of low-carb fresh prepared meals by the end of 2021.That company recently launched FreshlyFit, its first dedicated product line of ready-to-eat meals that are gluten-free and focus on a lower-carb, protein-powered nutritional profile. In general, the pandemic has fueled growth for the meal kit industry as many restaurants remain closed or operate with lower guest limits.

As for Sunbasket, it is touting it uses of 99% USDA-certified organic fresh produce, eggs, milk and yogurt; wild-caught and sustainably sourced seafood; sustainably raised, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats; and handcrafted sauces. 

Sunbasket says it will continue to cater to various dietary preferences and health needs, and give consumers delicious, convenient food options including meal kits, ready-to-heat meals and pantry items. Introduced last year, Fresh & Ready meals require no preparation and can be ready in as little as six minutes. The Sunbasket Marketplace features breakfasts, lunches, snacks and pantry staples from partner brands that share in Sunbasket brand values. Sunbasket will continue offering traditional meal kits for those who prefer slicing, dicing and preparing pre-portioned meals themselves.

The reintroduction of Sunbasket comes with a new visual identity and national advertising campaign. The company said its new identity showcases how the best foods under the sun work together in perfect harmony, creating an environment for delicious ingredients to grow and flourish, coupled with the vibrancy and creativity of the brand’s award-winning chefs.

“It was important for us to create a brand and visual identity that matches our values as a food delivery company,” said Vanessa Meyers, SVP of growth at Sunbasket. “Sunbasket’s new platform balances the energy, attitude and sounds of the kitchen with the amazing, thoughtful and careful ingredients of the farm. The brand encapsulates everything that Sunbasket stands for — human connections, warm, rich energy and a wonderful meal around the table.”

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