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Storewise, Truno Partner to Offer Operational Control for Independent Grocers

Heightened analytics and greater integration on the horizon
Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer
grocery worker
Independents partnering with Storewise have reportedly increased gross margin dollars while simplifying daily routines.

Grocery automation platform Storewise has partnered with integrated retail technology solutions provider Truno to provide heightened visibility and operational control, including seamless integration with a range of ubiquitous retail tools and services. The Storewise platform works alongside independent grocers to simplify store routines and protect profits, turning the complex into clear, powerful actions. 

“Storewise gives our retailers the tools, insights and customer experience they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Their ability to pair sophisticated data insights with a grocery-focused user experience speaks to how deeply they care about independent grocers,” said John Poore, chief technology officer at Lubbock, Texas-based Truno.

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“Truno is constantly evaluating the best of retail technology and partnering for the best of our customers,” added Steven Watters, Truno’s president. “At the end of the day, we are integrators, and when we see a solution of value, we work to provide that platform to our retailers.”

For more than 40 years, Truno has worked with retailers to identify the technologies they need to navigate an ever-changing and increasingly competitive industry. With Storewise providing digestible data at the store level and above, Truno’s grocery operators can be empowered at all levels to make their best decisions. 

“Because Storewise seamlessly folds the most commonly used grocery functions into one unified dashboard, a partnership with the industry-renowned team at Truno is ideal. Storewise bridges existing tools to provide data-driven insights, make recommendations and even automate tasks if the grocer chooses,” noted Christopher Greco, president and CEO of Overland Park, Kan.-based Storewise. “Our platform truly serves the interests of independents.”

The Storewise grocery automation platform offers multiple modules that secure and boost profits, including Dynamic Sales Reporting, which gives retailers the control they need to analyze store, department and item-level performance previously requiring hours of manual effort and cross-comparison between multiple reports before yielding actionable insights; Price Analysis and Price Manager, delivering a simple way for operators to keep prices correct, ensuring the right price image for stores; the Ordering bridge-buying program, enabling retailers to order allowance items that are expiring and not coming back “on-deal” immediately; Risk Reduction, which provides point-of-sale exception reporting, catches losses and improves training opportunities; and TPR Automation, which increases gross margin by matching temporary price reductions to in-store pricing.

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