Stony Creek Brewery Tea-Infused Beers

Stony Creek Brewery Bigelow Main Image

Regional Stony Creek Brewery has teamed with fellow Connecticut company Bigelow Tea for the release of two tea-infused beers, No Comment and Carpe Tea-em, marking the first-ever collaboration between the two family-owned brands. A rich, drinkable German-style lager, No Comment features an infusion of Bigelow’s Constant Comment, an iconic blend of black tea, orange peel and sweet spices, while Carpe Tea-em is a complex Hefeweizen bursting with the aroma and bright citrus flavor of bergamot fruit provided by Bigelow’s Earl Grey Tea. To infuse the tea, the unfermented beer is boiled before the hops are added, creating the ideal time to steep the tea, which is then brewed directly into the beer. No Comment and Carpe Tea-em are currently available in grocery stores, package stores, fine restaurants and bars throughout New England. A 4-pack of 16-ounce cans of either variety retails for a suggested $9.99. 



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