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SpartanNash Introduces Our Family Brand in Michigan


Midwest grocery operator SpartanNash is rolling out the Our Family brand in Michigan at its own 87 retail stores – including Family Fare Supermarkets, D&W Fresh Market, Forest Hills Foods, ValuLand and VG’s stores – and more than 300 independent retail customers throughout the state.

Our Family products are available in every aisle of the store, from pantry staples like milk and peanut butter to nonfood items such as batteries and aluminum foil. The brand also offers on-trend items, including several flavors of sparkling water, Greek yogurt and breakfast bars.

“We are excited to offer Our Family products to our store guests and independent retail customers in Michigan, because it reflects on SpartanNash’s commitment to great products at affordable prices,” said John Paul, VP of private brands. “Our Family is here for yours, whether you’re planning a quick and easy dinner for your on-the-go family or a weekend party with friends and neighbors.”

Assortment, Quality, Heritage

The Our Family brand has offered “Quality since 1904,” including a Satisfaction Plus Guarantee; Facts Up Front nutritional labeling; category-specific packaging; and a community support program, Direct Your Labels.

The transition to the Our Family brand offers store guests and independent customers a broader product assortment – with nearly 2,000 items located throughout the store – and a tradition of more than 100 years of excellence at an everyday low price.

The Our Family label also strengthens the SpartanNash private-brand portfolio. SpartanNash will distribute Our Family brand products to all of its corporate-owned retail stores in nine states, as well as its independent retail customers throughout the country.

“Our private brands are one of our true competitive advantages in the crowded marketplace today, and we have already begun rolling out the Our Family brand to all stores serviced through the company’s Grand Rapids distribution center, with many items already in stores for customers to enjoy,” said Dave Staples, SpartanNash president and CEO. “One key element of our future success has been streamlining our supply chain and creating the ability to deliver the largest variety of quality products from any distribution center, to any customer.”

The company’s Grand Rapids DC currently supplies more than 700 Our Family products to SpartanNash’s corporate-owned retail stores and independent customers in Michigan. The number is expected to grow to nearly 2,000 items by April.

The Our Family brand will serve as the core exclusive private label brand for SpartanNash, with other brands completing the portfolio, including the Open Acres fresh brand and the Full Circle line of organic and eco-friendly home products.

Grand Rapids, Mich.-based SpartanNash’s core businesses include distributing grocery products to independent grocery retailers, select national accounts, its corporate-owned retail stores, and U.S. military commissaries and exchanges. SpartanNash serves customer locations in 47 states and the District of Columbia, Europe, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Bahrain and Egypt.



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