Spartan Stores Banners Tap New Gas Savings Program

In a seven-day kickoff of an expanded fuel rewards program, select Spartan Stores-owned D&W Fresh Markets and Family Fare Supermarkets are offering 50 cents off per gallon of gas, up to 20 gallons, for customers who spend $100 on groceries.

Launched this week at 30 western Michigan units under the two banners, the program provides gas savings at any of Spartan Stores' 11 fuel centers.

Alan Hartline, Spartan Stores' e.v.p. of merchandising said, many of the participating stores' guests travel "to and from work and drive by one of our Quick Stop locations, so it only seems right to market to our entire area - and not just through those stores that have Quick Stop adjacent to our supermarkets."

Following the introductory offer, fuel savings opportunities will vary week to week and will depend on what products shoppers purchase; specific details will be posted at all stores and in newspaper inserts and fliers.

To jump start the program, the 30 D&W Fresh Markets and Family Fare Supermarkets are offering an across-the-board $.50 per gallon savings (up to 20 gallons) to any shopper who spends $100 or more on groceries through Nov. 8.

At the time of check out, shoppers will be given a bar-coded receipt, which will be valid for up to 14 days from the issue date and which can in turn be scanned at the gas pump for per gallon gas savings. The special promotional savings, combined with gas prices dropping below $2.50 per gallon in Michigan, will enable customers to purchase gas below $2.00 per gallon for the first time since February of 2005.

Most D&W Fresh Market and Family Fare Supermarket customers live within five miles of a Quick Stop and within 10 miles of our supermarkets, Hartline added.

While the 50-cent discount ends Nov. 8, an earlier discount program will expand.

Previously, shoppers at Family Fare and D&W stores with gas stations earned fuel discounts based on purchases, but shoppers at most stores without stations did not. Now all stores will offer them.

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Spartan Stores, Inc. is the nation's tenth largest grocery distributor. With warehouse facilities in Grand Rapids and Plymouth, Mich., the company distributes more than 40,000 private-label and national brand products to nearly 400 independent grocery stores in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

Spartan Stores also owns and operates 84 retail supermarkets in Michigan, including Family Fare Supermarkets, Glen's Markets, D&W Fresh Markets, and Felpausch Food Centers.

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