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SONR Pusher: Multi-tiered Product Protection

The SONR Pusher is a flexible and open security system integrated into new or existing product pushers. The SONR Pusher notifies store associates of activity at the shelf and store level. Retailers can scale the SONR Pusher to adhere to their store needs from a singular facing to a complete shelf. SONR Pusher works in tangent with the SONR Echo Box to expand the range of protection to multiple zones throughout the store

The SONR Echo Box repeats the warning beeps and alarms for the other four technologies. Once deployed, the Echo Box receives notifications up to 25 feet away and is available in multiple RF frequencies for connecting a variety of product categories/groups.

In a recent independent study from the Loss Prevention Research Council, results showed that 90% of potential shoplifters were completely deterred by the SONR System, and over 80% of shoplifters admitted they underestimated the reach of the system.

Protect your merchandise storewide with the siffron SONR Pusher. Find more information here: