ShopLiftr Drives In-Store Sales With Targeted Promotions

Ad tech platform addresses inventory challenges
Marian Zboraj
Digital Editor
Marian Zboraj
ShopLiftr Drives In-Store Sales With Targeted Promotions
ShopLiftr connects shoppers with real-time localized deals.

Amid ongoing supply chain disruptions and rising prices, digital ad tech company ShopLiftr is enabling retailers and brands to help consumers find the products they want in-store, while saving money.

ShopLiftr captures weekly trade promotions at the top 300 grocery retailers across the United States on a daily basis. The ad engine searches these deals and promotes them via branded, programmatic display and video advertising that renders in real time. These localized deals are amplified and personalized to targeted shoppers on any product, at any retailer anywhere in the United States.

A recent study by The Trade Desk shows that 71% of consumers prefer to receive tailored ad experiences and 70%  prefer to shop in store for groceries. For brands and retailers, leveraging ShopLiftr's capabilities means more than just showing deals to consumers; it also means targeting flexible messages to address inventory challenges and updating shoppers on changing conditions. These all serve to increase consumer loyalty.

"We understand that consumers want to find the products they want with ease, while saving money," explained John Scott, co-founder and CEO of Ottawa, Ontario-based ShopLiftr. "At the same time, our retailer and brand partners continue to face ongoing product availability concerns. Our ad tech platform offers key differentiators that bridge that gap by delivering timely deals, with creative triggers and flexible messaging, on products available in-store now, and the sales lift results we are observing are the proof positive that it works."

ShopLiftr partners with CPG brands and retailers to deliver personalized digital advertising experiences at scale across North America. Since 2019, ShopLiftr has reportedly experienced 418% growth in market impact. In 2020, it officially launched in the Canadian market, and in 2021 added dynamic video ads to its lineup of digital advertising offerings.

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