New Store Locator Solution Debuts

Where to Buy uses Datasembly's data collection system to deliver on-shelf information for food and beverage brands
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
Where to Buy Logo
Where to Buy is introducing store locator software geared for food and beverage companies.

The startup Where to Buy has launched a new store locator solution that uses Datasembly’s proprietary data collection system to power CPG store locators with accurate, on-shelf product availability. The solution is designed specifically for food and beverage brands.

Users can leverage several solution features, including data gleaned from grocery store banners throughout the United States and Canada, unlimited UPCs, online grocer integration, robust analytics, data clean-up and upload, map customization, and more. Information is based on Datasembly’s system that gathers information on products available at more than 25,000 brick and mortar grocery locations.

"We are truly excited to be bringing a new store locator solution to the market. Being able to help brands of all sizes drive in-store sales is what we've been aiming to do for years, and now we have an accurate, cost-effective solution to do just that," said Brian Hack, founder of Where to Buy.

Added managing partner Brit Woyma: "By partnering with CPG data disruptors, Datasembly, we can tap into the modern way consumers are grocery shopping to bring them truly accurate information. To be able to provide this information to our customers, especially as they continue to adapt and grow with changing times, is exciting.”

To date, Where to Buy’s users include Bantam BagelsHigh BrewVeggies Made GreatKerasalAmyluJohn Soules Foods and Sugar Bowl Bakery, among other brands.

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