Shop ‘n Save Aims to Optimize Promo Planning

Daisy Intelligence provides AI-powered platform
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Shop ‘n Save Aims to Optimize Promo Planning Daisy Intelligence Artificial Intelligence
Daisy Intelligence founder and CEO Gary Saarenvirta

Shop ‘n Save has selected Daisy Intelligence as its artificial intelligence-powered platform provider. The independently owned and operated chain will employ Daisy’s solutions and services to measure and optimize the effectiveness of promotional planning, based on the total-store impact of promo activities. 

“Daisy’s Halo Merchandising approach considers the sales, margin and transactions gained from additional items added to in the basket that have an affinity to items promoted,” explained Gary Saarenvirta, founder and CEO of Toronto-based Daisy. “By demonstrating how Shop ‘n Save promotions can be tailored to drive larger average basket size and drive basket sales of item combinations that deliver the highest profit margins, Daisy Intelligence will deliver business recommendations that generate significant financial results.” 

“We are a nimble group of retailers focused on staying relevant in the modern digital world,” noted Tom Charley, VP at Greensburg, Pennsylvania-based Charley Family Shop ‘n Save. “We understand how important data is, and we are committed to the analysis of, and creation of, action steps based on meaningful data. Prior to bringing on Daisy, like all retailers, we made decisions on what items to promote based on single-item movement, and while we have done the best we can based on our tools, we understand that there are more advanced ways of going to market today.”

Added Charley: “We have envisioned having a holistic approach to marketing for years. We want to understand how advertising an item impacts the overall customer shopping experience.  At the end, we believe that Daisy is the partner to help us realize that vision, and our goal is for them to become a strategic differentiator for our group.”

There are more than 80 independently owned and operated Shop ‘n Save stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Ohio and West Virginia. 

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