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Self-Checkout Carts Roll into NYC Stores

Morton Williams Supermarkets and A2Z Smart Technologies pilot new smart cart
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
Self-Checkout Carts Roll into NYC Stores
The Cust2Mate smart cart will be pilot tested in Morton Williams Supermarkets in Manhattan.

Smart carts are coming to the New York City metro area, via a pilot program between A2Z Smart Technologies and Morton Williams Supermarkets. During the two-month test period, 50 of A2Z’s smart carts will be deployed at two Morton Williams locations in Manhattan.

Powered by user-friendly algorithms and featuring an intuitive touchscreen, the Cust2Mate smart cart recognizes purchased items and enables in-cart payment for shoppers who can leave the store without having to go through the traditional checkout process. For retailers, the technology helps solve labor challenges while providing them with the ability to target customers with information on sales and promotions.

“Morton Williams has a long retail history in New York and has survived and thrived since 1946 thanks to its well-stocked, beautifully merchandised stores, as well as its commitment to embracing innovative technology to provide the best shopping experience for its customers. Our smart carts are an ideal solution for busy NYC shoppers who value the ability to get their shopping at their leisure without having to ever stand in line,” said Rafi Yam, Cust2Mate’s CEO.

According to Yam, the company is working to expand the pilot program into other grocery stores in the United States as well as in Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.  

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