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Seafood Sales Go Wild for October Seafood Month
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Seafood Sales Go Wild for October Seafood Month


October Seafood Month affords retailers a great opportunity to market and promote wild-caught seafood from Alaska – home to some of the most responsible and sustainable wild-caught fisheries on the planet. The pristine, icy waters of Alaska are among the most nutrient-rich in the world. This is where countless fish evolve in their natural habitat, swimming free and undisturbed by man, eating only what nature provides. The seas of Alaska create many different types of superior seafood – salmon, whitefish and shellfish – ensuring there is always something for you to offer for any shopper’s plate.

Marketing frozen wild-caught supports the Alaska community

The Appeal of Wild

There really is nothing more unique and special than food caught in the wild. Fishermen, fishing families and entire communities fishing in beautiful, wild places are the lifeblood of Alaskans. And it’s all to the preference of your shoppers. 

Consumers prefer wild seafood to farmed by a ratio of five to one, according to Datassential. Wild-caught seafood’s appeal reaches shoppers driven by environmental concerns, and those looking for superior quality. Specifically, taste, less harmful additives and health are consumers’ top three reasons for preferring wild-caught. 

Consumers understand wild-caught seafood is better for their health and for the planet. Sixty-two percent  of shoppers say that knowing the seafood they are purchasing is "naturally caught or wild" is very important to their purchase. 

Marketing Frozen Wild-Caught Seafood Supports the Alaska Community 

Since fish caught in their natural habitats must be harvested on a seasonal basis, freezing makes it possible for retailers to offer wild, sustainable seafood year-round. Flash-freezing locks in freshness at its peak, providing each customer with maximum quality. Also, customers are already frequenting the frozen seafood aisle, with 82% saying that they are likely to purchase frozen fish or seafood, according to Datassential. Freezing makes it possible for retailers to offer a wide variety of seafood year-round at a competitive price — all with the wild-caught guarantee that many customers are looking for. Plus, choosing a frozen seafood option doesn’t mean consumers have to compromise quality. For many, there is virtually no taste difference between fresh and frozen.

Three keys to growing wild-caught seafood sales

3 Keys to Growing Wild-Caught Seafood Sales

  1. Show the variety. Whether at the seafood counter or frozen aisle, make sure you offer an assortment of wild-caught species.
  2. Emphasize the upgrade. Wild-caught seafood from Alaska lets your shoppers win on “premiumness”: quality, taste, wellness and sustainability. The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) provides all sorts of beautiful, high-quality POS materials to help you activate premium sales. 
  3. Make it Easy. Showcase delicious and easy recipes in-store and online. Work with your retail dietitians to develop quick and simple how-to cooking videos for your social channels.