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Safeway Not Just Talking Turkey This Thanksgiving

PLEASANTON, Calif. -- Safeway, Inc. yesterday introduced its "2-Hour Turkey" recipe, which was developed to make Thanksgiving cooking easier by creating a moist, ready-to-eat turkey of up to 22 pounds in just two hours.

The recipe is only available at Safeway stores, and will be prominently displayed in the meat department, along with all the ingredients and cooking tools to make the turkey a success.

Safeway created the recipe to help customers "demystify" the art of cooking the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, as well as to help them save time. "Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays where family and friends come together to share great food," said Brian C. Cornell, e.v.p. and c.m.o. at Safeway. "The 2-Hour Turkey recipe extends our 'Ingredients for Life' brand positioning, by offering solutions and the best overall shopping experience for our customers."

The 2-Hour Turkey recipe was developed in the test kitchens of Sunset magazine, which is known for its innovative recipes. After extensive testing by Safeway customers to ensure quality, the recipe is being launched in time to help shoppers prepare for Thanksgiving meals.

"We constantly listen to our customers in order to best address their cooking and shopping needs, and what we heard about Thanksgiving is how busy a day it is for them," pointed out Michael Minasi, s.v.p., marketing. "The introduction of the 2-Hour Turkey recipe eliminates all-day cooking on Thanksgiving and gives our customers more time to spend with their family and friends."

In addition, each Safeway store will feature displays with all of the cooking tools needed to prepare the 2-Hour Turkey, including foil roasting pans, adjustable V-shaped racks, meat thermometers, and oven thermometers. Safeway Club Card members can save $3 at checkout when they purchase all four cooking tools together.

There are only four simple ingredients needed for the recipe: Manor House frozen turkey, Safeway Coarse Ground Black Pepper, Morton Coarse Kosher Salt, and Safeway Select Verdi Olive Oil. All the ingredients will be grouped together for one-stop shopping.

"The biggest question consumers have about cooking a turkey quickly is, 'How does it taste?'" said Betsy Reynolds Bateson, contributing editor, Sunset magazine. "The 2-Hour Turkey recipe exceeds all expectations and produces a moist, delicious, and flavorful turkey with crisp brown skin. By following the simple recipe, even first-time Thanksgiving cooks can serve their guests an amazing main course."

The 2-Hour Turkey recipe, ingredients, and cooking tools in-store displays are available now at the nearly 1,600 Safeway Inc. stores across the country, including the Vons, Pavilions, Dominick's, and Tom Thumb banners.
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