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Runa Reformulation and Rebrand

Beverage boasts revamped look, 10-calorie functional lineup
Runa Reformulation and Rebrand

Clean-energy brand Runa, a brand of All Market Inc., aims to revolutionize the way people caffeinate with its refreshed beverage formulation and brand redesign. Made with simple natural ingredients and containing just 10 calories per serving, the reformulated beverage features guayusa, a rare antioxidant and caffeine-rich leaf from Ecuador that offers 150 milligrams of naturally brewed caffeine in each 12-ounce can. The unique balance of polyphenols and L-theanine in guayusa provides sustained energy and focus without the crash or jitters from synthetic sources. The guayusa flavor is paired with simple fruit flavors for a clean, crisp refreshing boost. The revised six-SKU lineup will hit select retailers, including Kroger, Target, Ralphs and Albertsons, in May, with a suggested retail price of $2.50 per can.


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