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The Rising Tide Effect – How Successful Grocery Omnichannel Drives $/Sq Ft




Digital grocery has grown at 3x the rate of in-store shopping, and some project that by 2026 omnichannel grocery will in fact account for 19% of total US ecommerce sales. This transition to hybrid shopping will likely only further cement in the grocery sector given well known millennial preferences towards online commerce in all its forms. Recognizing digital grocery’s staying power, grocers are embracing the change, and viewing it as a way to drive new revenue, incremental profits and fundamentally an opportunity to deepen and expand relationships with loyal shoppers. Join industry experts Dana Krug, SVP of Cold Chain Fulfillment at Phononic – and Steven Duffy, SVP of Design at Cuhaci Peterson, as they discuss recent innovations and retail strategies that have enabled profitable omnichannel growth across a range of grocer formats.

In this Webinar you will learn:

  • The latest in store design trends and omnichannel operations
  • How innovations in cold storage tech are boosting omnichannel revenue and providing improved customer experiences – profitably.
  • How grocers are adapting their layouts to meet online grocery demand
  • Case studies and examples of improved revenue per square foot at grocery … with clear focus on what it takes to deploy successfully
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