The Right Stuffing

In years past, preparing Thanksgiving dinner was an activity about as male-oriented as stopping to ask for directions. But these days, as men become more regular fixtures in the kitchen, the Butterball brand is following suit by enlisting the first-ever male spokesman for its Turkey Talk-Line, which, since 1981, has provided useful tips to novice and experienced chefs alike to help them cook the perfect bird during the holiday season.

Through Oct. 20, men with a passion for cooking and who consider themselves the “ultimate turkey champion” are encouraged to enter the Man the Talk-Line Search on the brand’s Facebook page for a chance to win the coveted role. A panel of judges will select the new Turkey Talk-Line spokesman and Butterball will unveil the winner during the week of Nov. 11.

According to Butterball’s new Thanksgiving table survey, 84 percent of men are involved in some aspect of the holiday meal preparation, and 42 percent say they take on the role of preparing or cooking the turkey. To further celebrate men’s newfound interest in Thanksgiving meal prep, Butterball also will hire men from the Chicagoland area to join the ranks of the brand’s Turkey Talk-Line to answer questions and offer advice to at-home chefs in need.

Qualified applicants will attend Butterball University in November with a full turkey education from top turkey experts. And, given the Talk-Line’s expansion from six experts fielding 11,000 calls in 1981, to more than 50 experts fielding more than a million calls in 2012, I’m sure Butterball could use the “manpower.”

The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line will be open during business hours throughout November and December via Facebook, Twitter, live chats,, emails and calls.