Q1 Produce Sales Trend Positive: ‘FreshFacts’ Report

Over the first quarter of 2010, dollar and volume performance for produce were mostly positive, according to “FreshFacts on Retail,” the quarterly research report of the Washington-based United Fresh Foundation. Sales data shows that while produce prices remained relatively flat, shoppers increased their produce purchases compared WITH a year ago resulting in over 3 percent growth in sales and volume.

Produced in partnership with the Perishables Group and sponsored by Del Monte Fresh Produce, “FreshFacts on Retail” measures retail price and sales volume trends for the top 10 fruit and vegetable commodities, as well as value-added, organic and other produce categories.

Highlights of this quarter’s report include:

—Vegetables volume sales increased 5 percent and fruit increased 1.5 percent in the first quarter of 2010 vs. the first quarter of 2009
—Six out of the top 10 fruit categories experienced dollar growth, and the citrus category is leading this trend with a 11.7 percent gain in weekly dollars per store
—The largest volume growth in the top 10 vegetable category was peppers, up 9.4 percent despite a 2.1 percent increase in price
—Both value-added fruit and vegetables experienced increases in dollar and volume sales

Fresh-cut fruit, which represents more than three-quarters of the total value-added fruit sales, increased weekly dollar sales by 14.8 percent, compared to 10.8 percent of the entire value-added fruit category.

Trays, representing more than 20 percent of the total value-added vegetable sales, saw the strongest performance gains among the subcategories, with a 12.1 percent increase in weekly dollar sales and 12.5 percent in weekly volume.

Organic vegetables outsold organic fruit in dollar and volume sales.

In addition, the report features a quarterly spotlight on how produce assortment is changing, as gauged by two measures: impressions, which evaluate how the presence of different categories changed, and an assessment of bulk and packaged sales to see how the use of packaging is changing in the produce department.

The complete “FreshFacts on Retail” report can be downloaded free of charge to all United Fresh members ($50 for non-members).

For more information about how to obtain the report or suggestions for future category spotlights, contact Patrick Delaney, United Fresh communications manager, at 202-303-3400, ext. 417, or [email protected]. For questions about specific data contained in the report, contact Kelli Beckel at the Perishables Group at 773-929-7013.
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