Price Chopper Launches Innovative Coupon Dispenser

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. -- Price Chopper Supermarkets here said yesterday that it has installed iSaveToday, a one-to-one shopper program delivering relevant offers and messages to consumers at the start of a shopping trip, in all of its stores.

Last year the Northeast regional retailer selected Hartford, Conn.-based in-store marketing and media company Entry Point Communications (EPC) to implement the iSaveToday system.

Shoppers can scan their AdvantEdge Card at the iSaveToday dispenser at the store's entrance and in seconds receive a sheet of up to eight offers and messages based on their previous 64-week shopping history.

"Providing our customers with valuable, targeted offers at the simple scan of their Price Chopper AdvantEdge Card adds unique incremental value to our loyalty card program while strategically expanding our marketing reach," noted Price Chopper v.p. of public relations and consumer services Mona Golub.

iSaveToday's DealSense software employs proprietary tools to compare each shopper against every other, to discover insights about what and how each buys, and then adds to this knowledge, based on how the shopper responds to iSaveToday offers. The system analyzes category purchase history, purchase price history, purchase cycle for each category, category volumes and voids, and many other factors to create pages of the best, most relevant offers for each shopper. Shoppers receive these pages (one per shopping trip, two per week) when they scan their AdvantEdge Cards at the iSaveToday dispenser. Printed as a sheet of perforated coupons and messages, the offers are instantly redeemable on purchases made at Price Chopper.

"What makes this program truly unique is its approach," said Golub. "While most direct marketing programs start with offers, and then look at their predefined shopper segments so as to give the same offers to each segment, iSaveToday is more 'consumer-centric'. It starts with the shopper and then looks to match its best offers with that shopper on that day. For example, the system knows if it's time for you to buy coffee again and therefore, dispenses the 'right' coffee offer, based on your brand purchase history. No other program can do this."

Additionally, iSaveToday is the first program that permits grocers and CPG companies to communicate one-to-one with shoppers on every shopping trip. This dialogue makes it possible to roll out a variety of marketing programs that further engage shoppers, including points- or dollar-based loyalty clubs, sweepstakes, and personalized sampling, all of which will soon be available as Price Chopper expands and enhances iSaveToday.

The family-owned Golub Corp. owns and operates more 115 Price Chopper grocery stores in New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. The company employs more than 25,000 associates, who collectively own 54 percent of the company's privately held stock.
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