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‘Power of Produce’ Report Released at FMI Connect

Food Marketing Institute (FMI) has unveiled its inaugural report at FMI Connect, now taking place at Chicago's McCormick Place. "The Power of Produce 2015" investigates shifts in shoppers' produce-buying patterns and behaviors at retail, highlighting the full path to purchase, from mega-trends and pre-trip preparation through the actual purchase and consumption, followed by consumer suggestions on how to enhance the produce department.

Among the report's insights:

  • Produce is a planned purchase, but a great opportunity for impulse exists: 57 percent of shoppers estimate that they frequently or almost always buy unplanned items when in-store.
  • In-store execution is key: Price and promotions attract shoppers to the store, but when they arrive, they want clear signage, clearly marked prices, variety, freshness, good organization and product availability.
  • Appearance trumps price when it comes purchasing: For both fruit and vegetables, the top purchase considerations are freshness/quality followed by price.
  • Alternative channels are competitors for the fresh produce dollar: 50 percent of shoppers will occasionally buy produce at farmers' markets.
  • Value-added produce grows ahead of its conventional counterpart: 13 percent over 2014 for value-added, versus 3 percent for unprepared produce.
  • Megatrends influence the produce purchase: Six in 10 shoppers urge their stores to stock more organic and local items.
  • Produce snacking and juicing show growth potential: 38 percent of households say they're eating more produce as snacks, while 27 percent say they're consuming more produce as juices/smoothies.

"The Power of Produce" was conducted by San Antonio-based 210 Analytics LLC and sponsored by Yerecic Label, in New Kensington, Pa.

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