PBH Providing New Marketing Materials

The Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) is now offering new marketing materials to licensed retailers online. The materials, meant to promote the “Fruit & Veggie of the Month” campaign, include recipes, consumer columns and ad slicks.

On the PBH Web site, retailers can view the highlighted fruit and veggies of the month for the rest of 2009, and can use the corresponding materials at the retail level to help push sales of the various produce items. Retailers can also customize the marketing materials using their own logo, address, or anything else, by contacting Toni Eaton at [email protected]. For more information, visit www.pbhfoundation.org.

In related PBH marketing news, Springfield, Mass.-based Big Y has begun employing materials from the foundation. PBH’s site devoted to its Fruits and Veggies – More Matters” national public health initiative, www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org, can be accessed from Big Y’s own Web site, www.bigy.com, in its “Living Well Eating Smart” section. Fruit & Veggie of the Month is part of the More Matters program.

"A common misconception is healthy eating costs a lot of money," said Carrie Taylor, Big Y's registered dietitian and head of the company’s “Living Well Eating Smart” program. "This doesn't have to be the case with affordable nutrient-rich options like fresh, frozen, dried and canned fruits and vegetables. Although the current economic situation may have families feeling the pinch socially, eating out less can be the hidden ingredient to keeping family budgets and waistlines in check. Preparing more meals at home helps individuals regain control over what they eat and how foods are prepared."

Taylor added that economizing doesn’t mean settling for less healthy foods. “Choose nutrient-dense foods that offer higher vitamin, mineral and fiber content per calorie, like healthy fruits and vegetables and 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice to get as much nutritional bang for your buck as possible,” she suggested.

“As a working mother of two, I understand that dinnertime can be a challenge,” said Elizabeth Pivonka, president and CEO of Wilmington, Del.-based PBH. “That’s why we’ve added so many healthy, easy-to-prepare, recipes to our Web site. You will find lots of recipes that your family will love, many of which can be made in 30 minutes or less, even if you’re not an experienced cook. There’s also a Video Center that shows how to check different fruits and vegetables for ripeness, outlines proper storage methods, and demonstrates recipe preparation step-by-step in a way that’s easy to understand.”
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