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Out-of-Home Tech Drives Product Purchases: Survey

Out-of-Home Tech Drives Product Purchases: Survey
Ubimo's poll found that Millennials were particularly likely to buy a product on a shopping trip after seeing an out-of-home ad.

According to a recent survey from Ubimo, a brand of Mountain View, California-based Quotient that specializes in out-of-home (OOH) technology, despite the explosive growth in e-commerce during the pandemic, 90.4% of consumers still choose to make at least one in-person shopping trip per week. More than one-third (36.5%) said that they went out twice or more often each week, with 53.9% leaving once.

The survey report explained that this finding means “there still is great potential for brands looking to reach consumers outside the home.”

Additionally, when consumers leave home, 92.9% have a specific plan in mind about the stores they need to visit and what they need to buy. Out of those who pre-plan their shopping trips currently, just 63.2% did so before the pandemic.

Additional findings included:

  • More than two-thirds of consumers gave as a reason for planning ahead their desire to reduce time spent out of the home and avoid catching/spreading the virus, particularly Gen Z and Millennials.
  • 82% of consumers always or usually go to the same stores each time they shop.
  • 65.6% of consumers notice OOH advertising on their shopping trips – 81.7% notice it more or about the same during the pandemic, and 60.4% are likely to buy a product on their shopping trip after seeing an OOH ad, especially Millennials.
  • 63% of consumers believe the brand messaging in an ad is important during the pandemic.

“With ads in stores (groceries, pharmacies, etc.) and billboards rated as the most memorable forms of OOH advertisement for each gender and generation, this channel proves to be a powerful vehicle when it comes to in-store purchases,” the survey report noted.

New York-based Ubimo polled more than 1,000 consumers across the country to determine how consumer shopping behavior has changed because of the pandemic. The survey also looked into why consumers are taking fewer/more purposeful shopping trips, whether they go to the same stores on each trip, and how they view different advertising channels (social media, OOH, etc.) along the way.

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