Organic Garage Ltd. Now Known as Oragin Foods

Parent company name change reflects parallel growth of Organic Garage retail group and Future of Cheese CPG operation
Lynn Petrak
Senior Editor
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Organic Garage
Organic Garage's parent company is changing its name to Oragin Foods, Inc. at a time of rapid growth and an expansion into the CPG side of the business.

The rapid growth of natural grocer Organic Garage in Canada and its plant-based subsidiary Future of Cheese is propelling the parent company to change its name from Organic Garage, Ltd. to Oragin Foods, Inc. The name change reflects the organization’s goals to accelerate in both the retail and CPG arenas.

Explains Matt Lurie, Oragin Foods’ president: “Our vertically integrated ecosystem will allow us to develop, acquire and commercialize new and existing CPG brands, led by what we view as some of the brightest minds in the industry, and get those products directly into the hands of consumers through our own wholly owned retail locations, as well as through third-party distributors and retailers globally.”

In the past year, Organic Garage has accelerated its independent grocery presence in Canada. The Future of Cheese, which introduced its first line of plant-based cheeses in fall 2021, is also growing a rapid clip

According to Lurie, the newly-christened Oragin Foods will continue to expand its CPG business, focusing on the market for plant-based products in Canada and the United States under a new wholly owned subsidiary that will include the Future of Cheese and potential other brands. In addition, the company plans to add more Organic Garage locations.

Starting Feb. 24, the company’s common shares will begin trading under the new name ORAGIN FOODS, Inc.

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