Oral Care Sales Growth to Slow: Report

NEW YORK - Recent oral care innovations, such as whiteners, brighteners, dissolving breath strips, and power brushes seem to have run their course, and the market, which reached an estimated $7.5 billion in 2006, will show slow growth over the next five years, with sales reaching $8.9 billion by 2012, according to market research firm Packaged Facts.

According to "Oral Care Products in the U.S.," growth in the oral care market will continue to be fueled by organic and premium product introductions as well as strong sales in the gum/mouthwash/breath fresheners category--where anticipated growth during the 2006-2012 period is projected at a robust 25 percent--which will keep overall market sales from falling flat. Sales of dental preparations, such as tooth cleaners and denture products as well as implements/appliances, including brushes and flosses, fell in 2006, yet are expected to rebound, albeit minimally.

"Innovation and sustainability in this market are tough, although we're definitely seeing headway being made in products targeted towards the natural, prestige, and pop-prestige outlet consumer," noted Tatjana Meerman, managing editor of Packaged Facts. "However, there is significant threat from dental technologies that are finding favor with consumers even though the prices are considerably more than OTC oral care products."

Indeed, innovation does not appear to be the main impetus for growth of these products. Rather, it seems to rely almost solely on the growing U.S. population. The population is expected to jump from its current 300+ million to reach almost 309 million by 2010, adding nearly 9 million new users of oral care products.

This 6th edition of "Oral Care Products in the U.S." examines sales patterns, brand shares, competitor profiles, demographic trends, and purchasing behavior of oral care products.

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