Online Grocery Retailer to Accept SNAP/EBT Benefits

FarmboxRx expands delivery service to those facing food insecurity
Lynn Petrak
Senior Editor
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FarmboxRx provides food as medicine to consumers in need, including those who can now use SNAP/EBT payment for deliveries.

FarmboxRx, an extension of Farmbox Direct that aims to bring healthy eating to at-risk populations, is upping its food security efforts by accepting SNAP/EBT benefits for home delivery. The New York-based program claims to be the first and only national fresh grocery retailer to take those dollars as a form of online payment, following approval by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Through a new pilot program, Medicare/Medicaid consumers can use their EBT cards and SNAP dollars to access more healthy foods and shore up their personal food security. Instead of having to visit physical stores, low-income shoppers – especially those who face health issues that impact their mobility – can have foods shipped right to them for convenience and ease.

“By only allowing EBT cards to be used at brick-and-mortar retail locations, people who live in areas with limited access to affordable and nutritious food don’t even have the option to eat healthier from a physical or financial standpoint,” said Ashley Tyrner, CEO and founder of FarmboxRx. “Lower-income and minority communities are disproportionately affected by diet-related disease. While many of these illnesses can be prevented or treated through diet and lifestyle changes, the way the healthcare system operates today focuses on treating patients after they reach a chronic state with pharmaceuticals. Adding FarmboxRx to the SNAP pilot and enabling members to purchase healthy foods online will open the door to those who otherwise didn’t have access to nutritious foods before, and will help break the chronic disease cycle.” 

Farmbox Direct introduced FarmboxRx in January 2020 as a total wellness platform based on a “food as medicine” philosophy. The program partners with more than 50 health insurers around the country to help people take control of their health through better diets. 

Recently, Farmbox Direct was named as one of the winners in Progressive Grocer’s inaugural Impact Awards for its efforts in food security/nutritional leadership.

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