Online Food Safety Service Launches

US Food Safety Corp. yesterday rolled out, which it says is the first Web site to provide consumers with the latest food safety alerts, recalls, advice, and columns.

Developed by food sales and marketing veteran (and c.e.o.) Susan Reef, the service aims to provide useful food safety advice for all age groups, from prenatal to seniors.

Free membership to includes having the latest food safety product alerts delivered to your inbox. Members who enter their data and ZIP code will receive alerts tailored to their markets.

The service also offers current food safety articles on such topics as holiday food safety tips and general food safety handling tips, along with crucial food safety issues, including the recent impact of melamine in our food supply chain. The site also contains a blog so that visitors can express their own opinions on food safety issues.

"Consumers have to become their own food safety advocates, by actively searching for recalls and alerts," noted Reef. " cuts down the time it takes to search for food safety alerts and provide consumers with up-to-date food recalls that can help stave off foodborne illnesses, such as salmonella and e-coli. In addition to e-mail alerts, consumers can read up on food safety tips and handling procedures to better ensure their families' health and well being."

According to the Deloitte, LLP survey, "Food and Product Safety and Its Effects on Consumer Buying Habits," consumers, worried about the safety of products made in China and other foreign regions, said they wanted more information about the safety of food products provided on packaging (86 percent), company Web sites (81 percent) and by the government (81 percent).'s sources include professors from food safety and health programs across the United States, food safety experts, and USDA and FDA.

In the past two years, USDA and FDA have issued almost 500 food safety alerts, many of which were not otherwise publicized, according to Wilmington, Mass.-based US Food Safety Corp.
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