NPD Finds Half of All Christmas Gifters Give Food

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NPD Finds Half of All Christmas Gifters Give Food

'Tis the season of food-giving and eating it, according to the latest Christmas Holiday Profile Report released by market researchers The NPD Group. More than half of consumers who report giving gifts at Christmas give food, according NPD's SnackTrack, a monitor of in-home and away-from-home snack food consumption.
The report found that candy makes up half of the food given as Christmas gifts, with the majority of that being chocolate. Cookies ranked as the gift of choice among 42 percent of respondents. Another 23 percent reported giving an assortment of other foods, such as meat, breads, fruits, jams, and seafood, with 63 percent reporting that the food they give has a holiday theme or package.
All of this giving of food results in plenty of eating. Cookies are the number one snack food traditionally eaten at Christmas, as 65 percent said they eat cookies. Forty-nine percent reported vegetables as a top snack food traditionally eaten during the holiday season; 48 percent eat chocolate candy; 46 percent eat nuts; 47 percent eat cheese; and 37 percent eat fresh fruit. Eleven percent of the respondents admitted to eating the much-maligned fruitcake.

The NPD Christmas Holiday Profile Report also determined that food is even involved in Christmas decorating; 15 percent of respondents who decorate at Christmas said they use candy for holiday decorating.

Discount stores ranked as the No. 1 place to buy food given as Christmas gifts, with the  next most popular channel being supermarkets/grocery stores.

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