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A Note From the Publisher

Progressive Grocer celebrates 100 years with new leadership
Gina Acosta
Progressive Grocer Executive Editor Gina Acosta has been promoted to the role of editor-in-chief.

As your trusted media partner, I wanted to be sure you knew about some key changes on the Progressive Grocer editorial team that will help us continue to lead the market with best-in-class content that serves as the foundation for your ability to connect with the markets we serve.  

We announced internally on Jan. 7 that our longtime Executive Editor Gina Acosta was promoted to the role of editor-in-chief. I've worked closely with Gina in recent years and this is a great move for the brand because Gina has been instrumental in elevating the PG brand to its position of leadership. Editorial Director Mike Troy made a personal choice after 30 years in the publishing industry to take his career in another direction and is moving to the client side.

While we hate to see Mike leave, we understand his choice and also feel great about the quality and capabilities of the editorial team. We have every confidence in the group Mike mentored, including Gina and fellow editors Bridget Goldschmidt, Lynn Petrak and Marian Zboraj. It is a great team that we will be adding to in the coming months to elevate our digital, event and print products. Progressive Grocer is looking forward to celebrating its 100th anniversary under Gina's leadership and we look forward to continuing to deliver results for your business for the next 100 years.

Editor-in-Chief Gina Acosta can be reached at [email protected], or her cell at 813-417-4149. 

Thank you for your time, and here's to a successful 2022.

About the Author

John Schrei

John Schrei is the Group Brand Director of Progressive Grocer and Store Brands at parent company EnsembleIQ.

EnsembleIQ is a leading global business media company, with influential brands and strategic divisions playing a vital role to shape the future of retail, hospitality and healthcare. With more than 20 storied brands spanning print, digital, social, virtual and live events – aligned with breakthrough marketing capabilities, consumer research and unequalled business intelligence – EnsembleIQ is the total voice of the markets it works to advance. EnsembleIQ’s goal is to connect its audiences to innovative ideas, inspiring people, and proven practices they need to strengthen their businesses and grow as leaders.

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